About Foopaux

Foopaux is where we put videos we create and share, and where we archive stuff in case all the video-sharing sites go out of business tomorrow in what becomes known as the YouTank era.

Stuff that we make is filed under the categories Videos By Us and Sounds By Us. Stuff we found on the web is filed under Video We Found and Audio We Found.

Meet the Directors: Dave


Dave is, interestingly, an interesting fellow. Generally out of touch with society as a whole until recently, he acquired a life in 2006 and lost the warranty. Thrust into the world on his own at the age of 18, he has had ample time to develop his people skills, though whether that time has been well spent remains open for debate. He is the second-born of the four Dueck brothers, and fourth-born of ten children in his family. Sisters are a fortunate good influence on him and he attributes what little maturity he possesses to their vigilant training. He quenches his desire to create truly engaging (and expensive) art by churning out silly nonsense for this website. He plans to become a film director.

Meet the Directors: Mark


Mark tends to turn interests into obsessions, which can be annoying to people who spend a lot of time around him. He enjoys video games, audio stuff, and playing with swords and guns out in the backyard by himself. If you look at satellite pictures of our back yard you might be able to see him pretending to die.

Meet the Directors: Joel


Joel is like an elf in that he is tall, blond, creative, and just a little scary looking, but is not as nimble as an elf and slightly more out of touch. He is proud to have grown up during the eighties. He has worked in a cubicle in downtown Minneapolis, bagged groceries, delivered papers, built houses, lived in a barn, been a groomsman three times, preached in a nursing home, and is currently disguised as an accountant at small engineering firm. He has been politely acknowledged by many people, warmly accepted by some, and definitively rejected by one. He thinks you are just a really great person.

About the name

Foopaux is an embarrassing misspelling of faux pas. Look it up.