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28 May 2008
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Spyder-Tron 4 is nearing completion! All we have to do is…

…get a few more props…

…buy a real green screen…



…encode for the web…

…do everything over after I accidentally lose all my work…

…and that’s all!

Seriously, though, that could all easily take place in the space of a week once everyone involved has the time. Pre-production is done: we’ve got a script, music, casting, storyboards, and opening/closing titles all finished. But we’re working on a couple other projects too, and I’m doing a TON of script writing ‘write’ now (har), so you’ll just have to forgive us for being so sloppy, tardy, defective, imperfect… practically any negative adjective you may care to suggest! So sorry… just keep in mind that this site is our silly hobby and it’s the first to go when things are remotely busy.

I’ve got one or two videos about ready to upload later this week if all goes well: just the usual documentary-type videos about our daily lives. Nothing special, for now.

Also (grggh), ‘The Enterprising Vagabonds’ is still unavailable to the public. We simply lack the means, technically and/or financially, to distribute to a wider audience. We’re still looking into it and evaluating more options, so don’t assume we’ve forgotten or anything. We hope, if things work out, to have a product (maybe several!) to sell to you by December or thereabouts. That would be cool.

Hang in there! We’re comin’!


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    06 Jun 08
    15:43 #

    Hhmm, practically there [sarcasm intended].

    Keep me posted.

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