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15 January 2008
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Just in case anybody still visits this site and is perplexed by the relative lack of output, I decided to write this quick note to allay any fears.

There simply hasn’t been much to document recently, which explains the lack of much new material here. But things are hopeful: on January 20th, we’re going to Duluth to do a bit of skiing, so we should have a pretty good video of that coming up. And who knows, maybe we’ll cook up something weird for St. Valentine’s Day. Also, a script for ‘Spyder-Tron IV’ is in the works and I hope to have a finished film by May. In the meantime, anything notable we happen to videotape will surely find its way onto this site.

Meanwhile, about ‘The Enterprising Vagabonds’… We’ve got a tentative plan for widespread distribution in consideration, so sit tight: it wasn’t originally meant to be made widely available, but there’s been a fair bit of demand for it, so give us a little bit longer and we’ll see what we can do. I have a hunch the ordering process will involve mostly, if not entirely, snail mail. Hold your horses!

Otherwise, enjoy the day and we’ll be back sometime after this message!


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    16 Jan 08
    01:49 #
    Nate E

    “mostly, if not entirely, snail mail…”

    Storm of booing and whistling

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